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Cafe Tatti is a European-themed fine dining restaurant dedicated to serving delicious, quality meals to customers in McLean, VA, and beyond.
From humble beginnings, we have risen to the top of the competition into what we are today—a beloved source of heavenly French and European cuisine.

More then 40 years of excellence!


The concept for our cafe started with Iron Skillet, a local restaurant owned by our founder’s John Kalpos father-in-law, who won the best chef for three consecutive years, from 1985 to 1987. Because we have adopted this legacy of success, The Washingtonian magazine has recognized our restaurant, listing it as one of the top 20 fine dining establishments in McLean, VA, Tyson, Great Falls, and the Vienna area. This is just one of the many acclaims that affirm our dedication to good food and excellent service for many years until today.

When John Kalpos pass the torch to experienced New York restaurateur Yiannis Skliras things got even better… 

When former New Yorker Yiannis Skliras walked into Café Tatti, he knew he had found his home away from home. Born and raised in Greece where hospitality is sacred, Yanni has lived in New York since his early twenties, honing his skills in a variety of French and European themed restaurants. In addition to outstanding cuisine quality, Yiannis has always believed that the dining experience is not complete unless his customers feel like honored guests, shoring up the thousands of years old traditional values of Greek hospitality to serve them.

As serendipity would have it, this was also the time that Cafe Tatti founder and the owner was hoping to pass on the business he worked long and hard to build to someone who shared his values about quality and service.

He found that person in his namesake, who also believes in providing his customers not only with top quality food, but also with a sense of belonging. As the new owner of Café Tatti, Yianni Skliras continues to respect the principles that have made it a favorite among the residents of Northern Virginia and the broader Metropolitan area.

In addition, inspired by the continuously evolving and diversified world, Yiannis Skliras has reached back to his own experience and background to enhance the restaurant’s French and European themed menu with elements from the culinary traditions of other European cultures, including his own Greek culture.

As Cafe Tatti ventures into the future with new excitement, Yianni and his staff look forward to welcoming and serving you in this old classic with a new twist.

Come see us at Café Tatti, where there is a chair with your name on it.